Refills for our customers

approx. 60 min

All our refills are done with the ultra-light 3D extensions which enable your lashes to carry the weight indefinitely. Only the best for your lashes! 🙂

Our refill price of 70€ is valid within the four weeks following your last treatment. After that additional charges apply.

Refills for external customers

approx. 1h45

The effort must be evaluted on-site before your appointment.

We have already performed external refills for 100€, however, in most cases we cannot accept the quality of the previous studio as such. This means that we will often have to charge between 120-170 € depending on how many of your current extensions need to be removed.

In order to make sure that you will know exactly what we need to take into account and how much it will cost we offer a free evaluation appointment.

Best contact us by e-mail ([email protected]) and let us know when you can pay us a visit in our studio.

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