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Lash Extensions

You want to learn more about lash extensions? Read our interview.

We are very proud to be the best lash stylists in Berlin 🙂 Who says so? Our customers! Read more here.

Please take into account that the cleaning of your lashes is part of the treatment. If you come without mascara we will save a few minutes and will have more time for your extensions 🙂 For hygienic reasons we will always wash your lashes on-site even if you performed a cleaning yourself.

By booking a treatment you also consent to us taking before-and-after photos. These are only for our internal documentation and will not be used for other purposes without your consent.

Mascara Classic

Individual relatively strong extensions are glued to your lashes using the 1-on-1 technique. The goal is a natural look.

120€    (70 mins)

Mascara Comfort 3D/Flat*

Individually composed lash tufts made of ultra-light material provide a very natural look with increased wearing comfort.

130€    (70 mins)

Mascara Volume Plus 3D/Flat*.

Ideal for demanding make-up fans and for special events for which it may be a little more.

160€    (105 mins)

Refills for our clients:

Price applies if you come within 4 weeks of your last appointment at the latest. After that, surcharges are due.

70€ – 80   (70 mins – 80 mins)

Stylist Diana

Mascara Komfort 1D

130€    (70 mins)

Mascara Volume Natur 2D

140€    (80 mins)

Mascara Volume 3D

150€    (90 mins)

Mascara Volume Plus 3D/4D

160€    (105 mins)

Star Hollywood 4D/5D 

180€    (120 mins)

Auffüllungen für Bestandskundinnen:

Sie können jederzeit wiederkommen, der Preis bleibt gleich.

The effort needs to be evaluated on-site before making an appointment. Contact us by e-mail at [email protected] for your free evaluation. The proposed price includes a removal if needed.

130 – 180€    (60 – 120 mins)

A quasi perm for eyebrows to bring them into a particularly expressive shape. The facial features are emphasized and the eyebrows get a fuller but still natural look. The eyebrows look fuller and stronger for about four weeks.

100€  (60  mins)

A quasi perm for eyebrows to bring them into a particularly expressive shape. For up to seven weeks, the eyelashes look longer and more curved.

100€ (60  mins)

Permanent Make-Up

Permanent make-up helps us underline the best of ourselves … and more. For example, we can intensify eyebrows, emphasise the look with a tattooed eyeline, emphasise the lip contour and even adjust breast areolas to each other and also, if necessary, reconstruct them optically completely, for example after a mastectomy.


Double anaesthetisation is used for all treatments.

If the eyebrows have not yet been pigmented, then a second appointment (225€ approx. 90 mins) is usually necessary!

450€    (ca. 120 mins)

If the lips have not yet been pigmented, then a second appointment (225€ approx. 90 mins) is usually necessary!

450€    (ca. 120 mins)

If the lash lines have not yet been pigmented, then a second appointment (150€ approx. 60 mins) is usually necessary!

350€    (ca. 120 mins)

Usually two additional second appointments (225€ approx. 90 mins) are necessary, as colour is only slowly accepted in this sensitive zone.

500€    (ca. 150 mins)

Usually two additional second appointments (300€ approx. 120 mins) are necessary, as colour is only slowly accepted in this sensitive zone.

700€    (ca. 240 mins)

3D and Flat Extensions

Our 3D extensions must not be confused with industrial cluster lashes.

We are not using cluster lashes in any case as they already contain glue which doubles the weight your lashes would have to carry.

We compose every lash bouquet individually. Not only such bouquets are lighter, but also more durable as the extensions adhere directly on your lash.
We use extensions of different diameters (0.03-0.07mm) in order to adapt the bouquets to the strength of your lashes.

Flat extensions are single extensions that are just as light as 3D extensions. They are also almost as elastic. We like to combine flats in combination with 3D extensions as flats literally cling to lashes of a given diameter - that is why they are more durable. They are also darker at the base and give your eyes more expression. What matters most is the right mix. We combine both sorts with skill into a unique expressive and yet natural look.

Only the very best for your lashes 🙂

More photos on Instagram.

Our History

What have a French singer and Berlin streetart in common? Both are vital inspirations for our brand and logo. Read here a story on self-discovery and about lived passion.

Everything started the moment when Isabelle had enough from the part-time jobs she worked in and when job agencies told her that she has no chance to be recruited as an accounting & management assistant – her previous qualification – now that she had taken a long “baby break”.

She did not like accounting anyway and and had only learned that trade as she loves challenges. So Isabelle decided to leave France one day. If you have to work odd jobs, why not at least learn another language?

If you want to be successful even if you do not master the local language then you need to learn a technical trade.

In her last part-time job Isabelle heard of lash extensions and wanted to have such fabulous lashes herself and decided to get trained by the Canadian luxus lashes brand Misencil. Obviously she could not set her own lashes, but she could realise her dream through her first customers in France.

Isabelle needed a name for her business and decided to adopt as a name “Les Yeux Revolver” – the name of a famous song from Marc Lavoine who was totally conquered by the revolver eyes of his lover.

A short year later everything kicked into motion. Isabelle’s husband Paul received a good job offer in Germany and so we expatriated ourselves – our Berlin adventure was about to begin.

After an adaptation phase Isabelle rebuilt her business from scratch while she learned German and while working on some odd jobs.

She increased her skills continuously and was one of the first stylists in Berlin to propose ultra-light 3D extensions.

Les Yeux Revolver became Revolver Eyes and our great logo was inspired by Berlin Streetart. And yes, you can read it in our logo – we love your eyes! 🙂

Isabelle rapidely trained her daughter Léa. Now Isabelle could also get fabulous lashes without having to go to the competition 🙂

A few years later Léa finished school and after an international exchange year in Taiwan she decided to become a professional lash stylist.

With two stylists at work it was time to open a boutique studio. Soon we found a place which used to be a French café (maybe a sign?) in Mainzer Straße. After some renovation works we equipped the place and there we are – Isabelle and Léa had their own studio! 🙂

Today Léa continues the studio by herself and is assisted by different free collaborators.

We enjoy seeing our great customers every day and to give them the fresh and seducing look that every woman deserves.

Our Values

Your Comfort

Soft beauty beds with massage option and complimentary aromatherapy with organic essential oils on-demand guarantee deep relaxation. Enjoy music from one of the best sound systems of the world: Bang & Olufsen's A9

VIP Service

Our 73m2 studio guarantees optimal comfort. A retractable partition in Léa's workspace can ensure perfect anonymity.


Our online booking system enables you to book and modify appointments 24/7.

Passion & Progress

We continuously improved our procedures for five years so as to ensure the best durability and comfort.

Interview with Isabelle & Léa

All about lash extensions

What is important to know?

Are there different techniques?

What are the advantages?

Are there disadvantages?

We want to answer all these questions. Read more in our interview.



Our studio is 2 walking minutes away from U-Bahn station Samariterstraße (U5) – about 10 minutes by subway from Alexanderplatz.

Leave the subway direction Alexanderplatz and exit on the left.

Walk down Mainzer Straße for about two minutes direction Boxhagener Platz and you will find number 18 on the left side.

A click on the map opens Google Maps.

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