What is the most important thing to consider when you get lash extensions?

First of all we need to distinguish two completely different types, the classical one-on-one extensions and the 3D extensions.

What is the difference?

If you go for single extensions, only one extension will be applied per lash. We will use relatively rigid, thick and heavy extensions. These extensions have a diameter of about 0,10 to 0,25 mm. If we use the more modern 3D technique, then we’ll apply several extensions by lash. It is important that they have only a diameter between 0,03 and 0,07 mm. This is the diameter of natural lashes. That is why these extensions are looking very natural and are very pleasant to wear.

Doesn’t 3D mean that you get these super glamorous hollywood-style volume lashes?

Well, of course, you can create these incredible looks with the 3D technique. It was invented for that purpose in Russia, but if you use only 2 to 4 extensions per lash, then you get a fantastic yet very natural-looking look.

Isn’t one of the advantages that you need no mascara anymore?

Absolutely! You really save a lot of time. No mascara, no demake-up … and you look great as soon as you wake up, just like the stars in the movies. That helps every day and is really great for your vacations at the pool and the beach. One of the biggest advantages which I have observed is the increased self-esteem with which my customers live their lifes. Extensions are also great for those who use contact lenses. Without mascara the lenses stay cleaner and last longer as no mascara particles enter the eye anymore. I have customers who used daily lenses and who switched to monthly ones. A real saving! Getting lash extensions is also one of the few treatments where you can meditate or sleep for an hour. How often do we get a chance to really let go and unplug for an hour? It is truly therapeutic.

Are their any disadvantages?

If you use the classical one-on-one single extensions then your natural lashes might get shorter over time to support the relatively heavy and rigid extensions. I have not seen such things happen with the 3D extensions as they do not produce the same lever effect as they are just as elastic and flexible as your natural lashes. Obviously this is true only if you do not exaggerate totally, you always have to respect the proportions between the extensions and the natural lashes.

Are there people who should not use lash extensions?

We have customers who are between 16 and 83 years old and who pursue all sorts of professional occupations. The only ones whom I would not recommend to get extensions are people who cannot lay down for one hour with their eyes closed while listening to good music (laughs) – yes, that really does exist – and people who are allergic to many different chemicals especially to glues or colouring agents.

Are allergies frequent?

No, they are quite the exception. There are many good glues with little solvants and that perform very well. The few allergic people react within 48 hours. The reactions can be just an itching sensation or also swollen eyelids. Usually these side effects go away within further 48h, in the worst case the extensions need to be removed. That is why I recommend customers who need extensions for a special occasion to get them 2 weeks early just to be 100% safe. Then we can see how they suit and we have the opportunity to adapt them again if needed.

So you need to come back?

Yes, natural lashes live for about 2 to 3 months before they renew. That is why you need to come all 3 to 4 weeks for a refill. The interval between your refills depends on your lashes’ growth cycle, on the quality of the care that you give your lashes and on how much of a perfectionist you are. All four weeks suits most customers.

How do I care for my lash extensions?

It’s pretty easy. Avoid contact with any oils or fats. Wash them regularly with fat-free facial soap. Avoid rubbing your lashes when you do that. Face cloths are a total no-go. If you are a perfectionist, then you can apply facial cleaning foam or gel with a soft brush from the root to the tip of your lashes. Then rinse with clear water. In everyday life brushing your lashes now and then is sufficient and that is why we give our customers two lash brushes at the end of their first treatment. You also must stop using eyelash curlers and waterproof mascara. Both will damage or strain your extensions. You can continue to use normal fat-free mascara. We recommend to start using mascara three weeks after your last treatment in order to mask eventual gaps until your next appointment.

How can you distinguish good from bad extensions?

Sometimes it is easier, sometimes a bit harder to see, but if your lashes feel heavy, if you see little crusts on your lashes or if several lashes stick together, then your stylist did not a good job. If the extensions come off easily, which means that you lose them without the natural lashes and their roots, then the job is not that great either – or you did not take proper care of your lashes. Good extensions last the full life-time of your lashes if you take good care of them. Good extensions do not stick to each other and do not feel heavy. Sometimes you can see the difference only with magnifying glasses and that is why we ask customers, who come from other studios and who look for a refill, to stop by in our studio so that we can have a look and give a quotation.

And what happens if new customers have extensions of poor quality?

In many cases at least a larger part of the extensions need to be removed so that we can then apply our usual quality in the scope of a new full set. That is why we reserve our refill price for our returning customers. The worst we have seen so far are extensions which have been applied using the 3D technique, but using classical single extensions. Several heavy classical extensions on one lash – that is an absolute no go! I recommend the 3D technique to everybody, but only with the real 3D extensions whose diameter must not exceed 0,07 mm.

A last word?

A relaxed atmosphere is very important for us. We want your lash extensions to be like a real relaxation therapy. As you cannot do anything else but listen to music, many of our customers use the time for a meditation. You think of nothing … and you finally are present in the now like Eckart Tolle describes in his book “The Power of Now”. Just for that reason I can recommend lash extensions to everybody – taking a break is really good and you wake up even more beautiful than before.